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ASP.Net C# MVC Web Application Developer. Phoenix, Arizona.

About Bryant Sharp

Hello. I'm Bryant Sharp, Senior Web Developer and Owner of Cyber Oceans LLC. located in Phoenix, Arizona. I have been a professional web developer since 2001 (22) years) and specialize in Microsoft Web Technologies. I work from a home office and haven't all the extra expenses of a corporate suite/rent/utilities. So instead of looking for reasons to up-sell to cover expenses, I am able to pass that savings onto customers.

Developing within industries to include, State Government, Health Care, Enterprise and Small Business scenarios, I have the experience upon which you can depend. When looking for a web developer or a web solution vendor for your next web project, consider Bryant Sharp / Cyber Oceans LLC.

34 Development Skills
48 Completed Projects
22 Years of Experience
0 Late for Work


Web Applications

Using ASP.Net C# MVC, I am able to turn your business requirements into intuitive and productive web applications.

Responsive Layout

Using responsive frameworks such as Bootstrap 3 or 4, I am able to make your one application render nicely in any browsing device.

Innovative Ideas

I perpetually try to make my current project even better that my last project. I strive to think of ways to make my work even better.

Graphic Design

Using Adobe Fireworks, I am to create sprites for css, composite background images and professional editing.

Database Design

I have only used, have experience with, MS SQL Server. Relational design, stored procedures, improving sql performance...


Documenting page flow, creating User Manuals, following predefined requirements, providing creative options.

Object Oriented

Experienced understanding of strongly typed objects, aggregation and composition.

N-tier Design

I am able to cleanly seperate data access, business logic, common models, services, and the UI.

Security Best Practices

Data security, browser vulnerabilities, and often research ways to continue to minimize weaknesses.

Search Engine Optimization‎

Advanced SEO. Custom urls rich in keywords. Implementing Search Engine Optimization‎ [SEO] best practices.

Quality W3C Valid HTML5

Ensuring the technical quality of HTML5 content structure of web pages via clean W3C valid HTML5 content and unobtrusive javascript.

Web Research and Development

R&D, Proof on Concept demonstrations, Wire Frames, Functional Versioning...

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Web Development Technologies

I have experience with the following web development technologies and design patterns.


The majority of my work product resides on corporate intranets and is unavailable for public viewing. However I do have some public facing work product below.

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*** Bryant / Cyber Oceans LLC. does not consider working on projects that involve adult only content or email marketing campaigns [spam generation].